LUXTHEREAL is a band with eclectic interests and musical expression in an increasingly genre and sample driven musical universe. 

The original music of LUXTHEREAL derives from its own unique synthesis of classic rock, new wave, power pop, techno, blues, jazz, progressive rock, and beyond. 

The focus is on the storyline as expressed in the mood, melody, lyrics and arrangement of each song; each it's own world for the listener to inhabit. 

Atmospheric, lyrical, emotive, melodic, hypnotic, and cinematic are just a few of the words to describe the music of LUXTHEREAL; but the best way to experience it is to listen. 


Ken Martin – Guitars, Synthesizers, Lead & Backing Vocals 

Rachel Guilbault – Lead & Backing Vocals 

Terry Martin – Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals 

Tammy Stredwick – Drums & Backing Vocals